Free Mentoring To Help Support You with Your Weight Loss Plan

Your gut health and the bacterial flora in it plays a vital role in weight loss. If you have been struggling to lose weight over the years, then it may be down to an imbalance in bacteria within your gut which is preventing you from adequately digesting your food and extracting the nutrients you need. This can cause some health issues including retaining body fat and therefore preventing you from losing the weight you want to drop.

Free Weight Loss Support with the Slim Living Diet

At Slim Living, our program is specifically designed to heal your gut health and balance your hormones during the detox phase which will then lead to weight loss. Our weight loss plan is made up of three stages in which the first two follow a mono-eating meal plan. This involves consuming one protein and one vegetable at each meal time and in doing so you take the pressure off your digestive system and allow it to rest and repair itself. The repair of the villi (small protrusions of tissue that aid in the absorption of nutrients)in your small intestine results in an increased surface area that then allows for absorption of nutrients you need to support your overall body system.

The purpose of the program is to change and teach your body to burn fat rather than store fat. With our one-on-one mentoring program, you get the weight loss support you need to help you overcome any struggles with food cravings, especially in the first few days. This is the time when your blood sugar level and hormones are starting to stabilise, so it is also vital that you take nutritional supplements.

These nutritional supplements will support your weight loss as you follow a mono-eating plan. As a result of your gut health being repaired during this detox phase, you will enjoy the benefits of a decrease in inflammation as well as an increase in energy and metabolism. All this is done with our free mentoring as well as access to the full program and meal plan which guides you through each step.

Maintain your Weight Loss

Our free program helps you to lose weight with the support of nutritional supplements, yet we also help you to maintain your weight. Stage three of the program is designed to help you maintain not only your weight but also your hormone balance. This step teaches you to live a healthy lifestyle; however, if you desire to lose more weight, then you can simply start the 30-day program again.

We offer our weight loss mentoring free with the purchase of the products. There are no contracts to sign and no hidden costs after you start the program. All you need to do to get started on repairing your gut health and losing weight is to commit to our 30-day program, and you may even notice an improvement in skin disorders, blood pressure problems, diabetes, joint pain, and other ailments.

Contact us today, and we will send you the information you need for losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.