• Natalie English

  • “Slim Living"
  • Elite 1 – Platinum 3
  • Perth, WA

Natalie is the Founder of Slim Living. After 2 years of mentoring for a different program she has used all of the passion/knowledge she had gained to design the Slim Living program to give her customers the best possible program and prides herself on customer service.

Zoe Lomas

  • “Slim Living"
  • Director 2 – Platinum 3
  • Perth, WA

Zoe is Natalie’s daughter and works side by side with Natalie. Whilst Natalie does all of the mentoring and daily communication with customers, Zoe works behind the scenes on all of the administration tasks



  • Amanda Manning

  • “Live Slim with Amanda Manning"
  • Team Leader – Gold
  • Lightening Ridge, NSW

Amanda is a full time mentor since February 2018 who loves helping people reach their goals. She did the program in October 2017 she hurt her back and started to put a lot of weight on and then stopped leaving the house found this program and has lost 24kgs and found life again.


  • Ana Lucia Gill

  • “The Detox of Oz"
  • Senior Team Leader – Platinum
  • Perth, WA

Ana is a French/Spanish teacher at an Early Learning Centre. Weight, hormones & joint health had been an issue since childhood. She wants to help others not have
to go through years of discomfort as she found the answers in this program.


  • Clinton & Linda Olsson

  • “Slim Living Team Olsson"
  • Director – Platinum
  • Darwin – NT

Linda constantly suffered migraines and UTI’s. Her husband Clint wanted better gut health. So they took control and changed their lives. Helping others now achieve their goals is what they absolutely love!


  • Darlene Curry

  • “Healthy Living Slim Living with Darlene Curry"
  • Senior Team Leader – Platinum 3
  • Gulgong, NSW

Darlene is a grandmother who has finally discovered the way she wants to live the rest of her life. She’s lost over 40kg following this program and is now focussed on helping other people achieve their health and weight loss goals.


  • Dee Sabri

  • “Total Body and Mind Transformation – TBAMT"
  • Senior Team Leader – Platinum 1
  • Sydney, NSW

Dee is a breastfeeding mum of 2 girls who has found her passion in life, and that is to help others, She has done the program, lost 17kg and has helped hundreds do the same.


  • Kylie Chalmers

  • “Slim Living with Kylie"
  • Team Leader – Platinum
  • Sale, VIC

Kylie is a busy single mum of 2 kids. After some very hard times and years of neglecting herself, Kylie put herself first and joined the program! She has lost over 15kg so far and is now helping others achieve their goals. Helping people regain their life is one of the biggest rewards she gets!


  • Kathy Kalogiannis

  • “Lifestyle Healthy Living"
  • Sydney, NSW

Kathy is a busy mum of 2 who was sad and in pain until she lost 25kg. She is now spreading the word of “Happy Gut, Happy Life". Gut health is the key.


  • Tracey Rose

  • “Slim Living with Tracey Rose"
  • Team Leader – Gold
  • Broome,WA

Tracey is a mum of two and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 33 since its removal she has struggled with her weight, Yoyo dieting all her life. She did the program in January and lost 14kg and has kept it off. She is now a mentor and her passion is helping others feel great about themselves.



  • Greg Chamberlain

  • “Healthy Warriors"
  • Team Leader – Silver
  • Port Hedland, WA


  • Joanne Boyd

  • “Slim living Healthy living with Jo"
  • Senior Consultant – Bronze
  • Perth, WA


  • Ngawai Tomlins

  • “Healthy Slimmies"
  • Brisbane, QLD


  • Katerina Vasiliadis

  • Sydney, NSW

  • Danica-Rae Miles

  • Perth, WA

  • Jacqueline Gataua

  • Hurtsville, Sydney


  • Traci Salmeri

  • “Healthy Living Healthy You by Traci"
  • Perth, WA


  • Kathy Sideris Tsangaris

  • Sydney, NSW

  • Lisa Crump

  • QLD