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Slim Living™ Terms and conditions

1. The program, Slim Living, remain the copyrighted, trademarked and intellectual property of Natalie English & Zoe Lomas

2. Use of the name Slim Living remain the copyright and intellectual property of Natalie English & Zoe Lomas and may only be used by permission & mutual consent of Natalie English, Zoe Lomas and the person underwritten within this document.

3. Any photos, icons, logos and copyrighted materials remain the property of Natalie English & Zoe Lomas and may be used only with their explicit permission and within the correct context.

4. No documents or official letters must make use of the names listed above without the permission of Natalie English or Zoe Lomas and within the correct context.

5. No websites or other social media, media or written documents must use the above names as the sole wording in their titles or headings. They can however use variations such as “Slim living with___”, make mention of the program names as a means to publicise the programs in strict adherence to the copyrighted program and without alteration to the programs at any time.

6. Should there ever be a breach of the conditions within this document, Natalie English & Zoe Lomas retain the right to cancel this agreement with the underwritten.

7. If the underwritten ever uses the names Slim Living, in a derogatory way within the public eye, via social media or other form of public forum, this agreement becomes immediately nil and void and all association will cease to exist.

8. The program Slim Living is only to be made available to committed clients who have paid in full for their program and may not be shared in any form except via email or future website pages* and always remain the copyrighted property of Natalie English & Zoe Lomas. Incorrect sharing and use of the program information and details will result in a cancellation of this document and its permissions.

9. By signing this document, you are promising to adhere to the above terms, conditions, permissions for the length of your association with Natalie English & Zoe Lomas’ businesses. You promise to make use of the associated documents, information and all shared media in a correct, polite, integral and dignified manner. You agree to be an ambassador for the programs and to always share the programs in a positive and inspirational manner

I accept the Terms and Conditions