Slim Diet Meal Plan Helps to Improve Your Gut and Overall Health

If you are constantly feeling tired and run down or you fall ill regularly, there could be an issue with your gut health which has a strong influence on your immune system. When the bacterial flora in our gut is unbalanced with too many opportunistic pathogens, it can cause your immune system to send out an inflammatory response. This then can have a knock-on effect on your other body systems.

At Slim Living, we aim to help heal your gut health by getting your bacteria and hormones back in balance and therefore reducing the stress on other body organs. As a result of the Slim diet, you may also notice a decrease in your weight as well as help in clearing up skin disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, and other ailments.

Slim Diet Meal Plan Uses Real Food

Our Slim diet plan is designed using protein and vegetables that are easily sourced from your local supermarket, so you don’t need to worry about buying any expensive shakes. Our goal is to help you initially rest and repair the gut by mono-eating which involves consuming one protein and one vegetable per meal. This is to take the pressure off your digestive system so that it can repair the villi (small protrusions of tissue that aid in the absorption of nutrients) in your small intestines and thus increasing the surface area for the absorption of nutrients into your body.

This type of diet plan is broken down into three stages. Stage one of the program consists of getting your appetite and blood sugar under control using your nutritional support which is supplied with the Slim meal plan. As you drink water, take your supplements, and balance your diet with protein and vegetables, you will see your food cravings start to diminish, and your body will begin to burn fat rather than store it. This is all within the first three days of starting the Slim diet.

Stage two of the Slim program lasts for the next 27 days, and it is during this time that your gut starts to heal. While your gut health commences improving, your body will also stabilise hormones, reduce inflammation in the body, burn fat and thus you will lose weight. This is an important stage where nutritional support for your body is vital.

As you start to lose weight, you will notice increased energy levels and greater mental clarity, while also benefiting from an improvement in phase one and two liver functions and bowel functions. As you move onto stage three of the meal plan, you will be maintaining the new balance in hormones and weight for a healthier lifestyle.

A Diet Plan for Everyone

This diet plan is suitable for most people whether you have pre-existing conditions, on medication, a vegetarian or recently had a baby. We do recommend that you check with your doctor first and for those who want to improve their gut health without losing weight we can easily adjust the program for you.

With our one-on-one mentoring, provision of supplements and a meal plan you can confidently know that you will have all the support you need to improve your gut health, get your hormones in balance and enhance your overall health. Contact us today to get started on this 30-day program.