How a Slim Living Coach Provides Gut-Balancing Coaching as Your Personal Weight Loss Mentor

Our diets serve as the building blocks of our overall health. An unhealthy diet leaves our immune system vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and inflammation. A balanced diet provides multi-system benefits, from cardiovascular health to clear skin. When you’re looking for weight loss coaching based on your unique composition, it can feel impossible to decipher which path leads to homeostasis. One mentor focuses on nutrient components (fat, carbs, protein)another coach highlights portion size, and still others seek to beat cravings by supplementing food with chemically-enhanced shakes. Everyone promises long-lasting results.

Invariably, these “solutions” are short-lived. The health improvements you gain are merely temporary, and in a few months, you’re back looking for the next “sure thing.” Stop the cycle for good with a personal weight loss mentor through Slim Living. Our easy-to-follow 30-day program uses real food and compassionate weight loss coaching to help our clients implement sustainable results. Members celebrate our top-rated system for the full-body improvements they experience. Weight loss can be a difficult journey. Phatt Living is here so you don’t have to go through it alone.

Personalised Weight Loss Coaching Demystifies Digestion

There’s a lot of conflicting information online, but our weight loss coach will use simple methods and straightforward facts about our biology to teach you how to use nutrients to your benefit.

When we eat, food passes along the digestion tract from the mouth, through the stomach, and into the intestines. By the time food reaches the intestines, it’s been broken down into a liquid-like consistency, so our bodies can absorb its nutritional properties through the intestinal lining. From there, our liver processes those nutrients and they enter the bloodstream.

The speed and efficiency of this process are thanks to our metabolism. A slow or low-functioning metabolism takes too long to absorb nutrients, losing them to fat-storage or waste. This leads to weight gain or even malnutrition. A high-functioning metabolism processes ingested nutrients quickly and can burn fat stores for energy more readily.

Your coach will explain how nutrition quality, the complexity of the food you ingest, and your hormonal balance impact your metabolic efficiency. We’ve tailored our 3-Step program to optimise metabolic performance by balancing hormones and quelling gut inflammation.

Slim Living in Three Steps

Step 1 lasts a short three days and is typically the most demanding step, which is why we offer so much personal support to help you conquer this milestone early. You’ll be challenged to take carbohydrates and sugars off your plate. Our weight loss coaching helps you through cravings as your body adjusts to fuelling itself from fat stores. Step 2 comprises the bulk of our program; this step involves balancing hormones and healing the gut, thus improving digestion.

We achieve this step primarily through a mono eating system in which each meal consists of a single protein (mostly chicken or fish) and a vegetable. Your weight loss mentor will help you design real-food menus that are healthy as well as tasty. Minimising variety at each meal gives your digestion system a break; complex meals force your system to work harder. This simple approach to eating allows the gut to heal through reduced inflammation and villi regrowth. During Step 3, you’ll work with your weight loss coach to set up a sustainable maintenance plan.

Weight loss coaching provides support when you’re frustrated, uncertain, or can’t kick a craving. As social creatures, we all find sticking to a nutrition plan is easier when we’re connected to a likeminded community that supports and encourages everyone’s journey.

Don’t waste another minute. Contact us to get paired with your weight loss coach and start your new life today.